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a reminder to keep going

It’s 2:21 on a sunny Friday afternoon and I have accomplished exactly NOTHING. I woke up by immediately getting on my phone to check email and everything has been downhill from there. I’ll get to the importance of how we start our days in a later post, because I want to address something else today:

How do you keep going on a project when you have no momentum?

As a writer and solopreneur, this is an ever-present conundrum in my life.

There is no team that I fear letting down, no boss, no deadline, it’s just me. I let myself off the hook pretty easily (especially when the temperature is over 75) and at the end of the day, I feel bad and frustrated because I wasted precious time NOT doing my work.

It’s impossible to gain momentum and be successful and make money if you don’t do your work.

Doing the work is what separates those shiny ‘success stories’ from everyone else. They were able to push through the doubt, procrastination, and boredom and just keep going.

So, here’s why I’m going to keep going today, here’s what I want for my future:

  • To be a full time writer and storytelling coach
  • To make enough money to do the things I want to do with my life
  • To speak in front of crowds and lead writing retreats and travel the world
  • To make a difference for people and the way that they relate to their lives and their stories

Today I’m writing what I need to hear in hopes that maybe you need to hear it too:

That project that you love, keep going with it. Make small steps everyday, your future self will thank you.




  1. It’s tough isn’t it? Consistency really is the difference between success and failure (or, less success). I have been writing and stopping for years, on and off. Can’t stick at it. I do well when I get my act together. It’s just so easy to procrastinate. Sending lots of get up and go your way 🙂


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