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Your days are your life

As of one week ago, many of the ideas I’ve had around a certain topic have finally fallen into clarity. It feels like I am on the brink of uncovering my life’s work, the thing that I am really here to say. The problem is: I’m terrified of this possibility. Every time I sit down to brainstorm, ideas, stories, connections flow out of me with ease. It’s the deepest state of flow I’ve ever experienced. I seemingly ‘fall into’ the work. Once I pull myself out of the flow and get some healthy distance, the ideas seem far away and vague. Then I sit down with them and am again fully immersed. I can see that the fruits of this flow state are important. Something wishes to come through me, I am just having fear and doubt around being the right person for the job. My biggest fear, however, is that I will procrastinate and fear-away this gift. Suddenly I will look up and be 70 years old and never have found the courage to …

Surviving Separation: The ways we cope

My soon-to-be-ex husband went out of town this week for work and said that I could come by the apartment to get the last of my things while he was away. I hadn’t been back to ‘our’ home in over a month. I went over right after nightfall to avoid an awkward neighbor run-in and immediately felt a sense of unease when I pulled into the complex.